Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access ASSET directly if I'm logged in on the RCPCH website?

Yes, you can visit ASSET either through the college website or by going directly to


How do I use the ASSET site?

Please see the attached user guide and the rest of the FAQs for specific queries. If you have any questions that are unanswered contact us at


I would like to be able to request assessments on ASSET, how can I do this?

To be able to request assessments on ASSET you need to be registered with College if you visit the RCPCH website you will find the application form and all the information you need.
Once you are registered with the College your ASSET account will be upgraded to allow you to request assessments from others.


When I log in I get the message 'not the right account to start this assessment' what does this mean?

It means that the invitation email address does not match the one registered to your ASSET account. This can happen if the inviter has used in the email or a shortened version (gmail instead of googlemail or vice versa) or if a home email is used instead of a work one or vice versa
To fix this ask the inviter to delete the original email and send a new one searching for you by name.


Can I ask administration/clerical/managerial staff to complete ePaedMSF?

The guidelines have changed regarding assessors for ePaedMSF. Trainees should only invite medical staff – doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.


How do I access and leave feedback for an ePaedMSF assessment?

Please see attached a guide to ePaedMSF and an example of ePaedMSF feedback.


I've saved a draft but I can't find it. Where is it stored?

When you save a draft you can no longer access if via the invitation link. Instead you should log into your ASSET account from our homepage and your draft will be in your to-do list on the left hand side. There is a link there which will state 'click here to fix this’, click on the link and it will open your draft.


When I try to log into my account a message says that it is "inactive", what should I do?

To have your account “activated” contact us on


Who can I invite to do assessments for me?

For a DOPS assessment a senior nurse, experienced higher level trainee or consultant can assess you.
For a MiniCEX assessment an experienced higher level trainee or consultant can assess you.
For a CbD assessment you can only choose a consultant. However if you are an St1-3 trainee, while you are advised to have your CbD assessments completed by a Consultant, in cases where this is not possible SASGs, Senior SpRs and St7-8 trainees are acceptable as assessors.


How do I register if I don't have a GMC/NMC/RCPCH number?

The only people who should register on ASSET are doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. If you are an allied health professional you should enter your HPC number in the Other box. If you are an overseas assessor enter your equivalent registration number as a doctor/nurse/or health professional in the Other box.
If you still encounter difficulties contact us at


How do I update my training level if I have moved post?

If you have moved post and your training level has changed email us at ASSET ( to have this updated before you complete any assessments so that they are recorded at the correct level.
You can check your current recorded level by going to your “Settings” tab.
Any ePortfolio details would need to be changed separately. This is usually done by your local Deanery or you can contact


How many assessments do I have to do each training year?

Please see the attached file for a table for the required assessments for each year.


If my Educational Supervisor is not on ASSET, what should I do?

If your educational supervisor already has an account contact the ASSET team and we will add the role to their account. If they do not have an account your Educational Supervisor needs to register an account by going to the ASSET website and clicking on “New User Registration” and then inform the ASSET Team and we will add the role to your account.


How do I nominate or request assessments from Assessors?

Most of your assessors will already be registered with ASSET. To nominate assessors or request an assessment from them; from your Home page first select the correct Assessment Form from the assessment list, then type the name of your assessor if they are registered they their details will appear, click on them and then Submit. By using the name to search you will ensure that you are using the correct email address to invite your assessor. If they do not appear then enter your assessor’s email address, the invitation will contain a link to help the assessor register with ASSET.


How do assessment invitations work?

When a trainee submits an invitation to an assessor the site automatically sends an email to either the address registered to the assessors account or the address entered by the trainee.
The invite will contain a link to the assessment form, this link will only work if the invitation was sent to the assessor’s registered email address, or if they are not registered they must use the same email address to register in order to be able to access the form.


My assessor hasn't received my invitation email, what should they do?

If an assessor does not receive the email they can still access the assessment by going to their ASSET account and looking in their to-do list, the email is just a notification that the assessment has been created. If they are not registered when they do register, as long as they use the same email as the invite to do so, the assessment will be in their to-do list as soon as they log in.
You also have the option of resending the invite, which will resend the email notification and reset the number of days they have to complete it.


Why aren’t my (email) assessment requests to assessors being received?

When a trainee requests an assessment from an assessor, an automatically generated email is sent to the registered email address, or to the email address input by the trainee. If the registered email address is an NHS one, or the user is accessing the email account from an NHS or other institutional network, the email may have been blocked by the network’s Junk filters. Your assessors need to contact the network administrator to allow emails from ASSET. They might also find automatically generated emails in their Junk folder.


When I try to invite an assessor I see a message that says: "more than one assessor with same ID are identified, so be specific", what should I do?

In this instance your intended assessor has more than one active account, to resolve this issue your assessor will need to log on to ASSET and merge their accounts – this is done automatically on log in. Once this has been done you will be able to invite them.


I’m having problems logging on, what should I do?

  • Are you logging on directly to ASSET? If so, have you checked that you are using the correct username? You can request a reminder for both your username and password by using the forgotten link on the ASSET homepage. Always make sure you do not have the caps lock on accidentally, are pressing the shift key, or that you have mistyped part of your username or password.
  • If you are trying to log on via an assessment invitation link, sent to you in an email, it could be that your email on ASSET does not match the email address the trainee used to invite you. Please check, and ask the trainee to re-invite you using the correct email. Or that the link has timed out as 28 days have passed or that you have already completed that assessment – you must use one invitation per assessment.
  • You won’t be able to click on the email link more than once, as it won’t work. You’ll need to go straight to the ASSET site and log in directly.


I have completed an assessment on another trainee but it does not show in either of our assessment tabs, why is this?

This means that the assessment was not completed successfully. A green box pop up will appear to confirm your submission was successful and the invitation to do the assessment should have disappeared from your ‘To Do List’. If neither of these things has happened then the assessment was not submitted and you would need to do it again.


I am having a problem with submitting my assessment, what should I do?

If you have been experiencing difficulties with saving or submitting assessments on ASSET please follow these simple guidelines:
When saving or submitting an assessment you must always wait for the green confirmation message and for submitting assessments the time & date to be stamped on the top of the form (please see attached picture) before navigating away from the page. This can take more time that expected due to the nature of Trust networks. Leaving early can cause your data to be lost.
If the assessment does not submit after some time has passed print the form (using the browser’s file and print options) and fax it to us on 0207 092 6193.
Please make sure that all of the fields are completed and visible.


I saved a draft of an assessment and now it has disappeared, where is it?

Draft assessments are only saved for 14 days and then they are deleted from the system. You would need to complete the assessment again by selecting it from your ‘To Do List”, if it is no longer there you will need to request that the trainee invites you as an assessor again. Or you can contact us and we can restore the assessment to your to-do list.


I have submitted the assessment but I am just dropped out into the log in screen, why is this?

If you are on an assessment for longer than 40 minutes, this is counted down by the clock at the side of the assessment, you will be logged out of the system and your assessment will not be saved or submitted when you press the submit/save button, even though the pop up will appear asking you if you are sure. To avoid this problem save the assessment frequently, we recommend every 10-15 minutes, the saved version of your assessment will then appear in your to-do list.


What do the columns on my “sent invites” page mean?

The columns are ticked or crossed in relation to the point that assessment is at. If the saved column is ticked the assessor has opened and saved your assessment, if the completed column is ticked the assessor has successfully submitted the completed assessment. If the entered by ASSET column is ticked an ASSET administrator has entered that assessment on behalf of the assessor.


I can see a view button next to the assessment in my "sent invites" list but it won't open, why is this?

This means that the assessment was saved and not submitted. If you or preferably your assessor gets back to us we can send the assessment back to them for them to complete it.


I have just completed an assessment but it has not appeared on my ePortfolio.

It takes 24 hours for a completed assessment to be validated and it will then appear on your ePortfolio. Single ePaedMSF assessments will not appear only the final ePaedMSF report.


Is there a printable version of my assessment/s?

A printable PDF format of all assessments (apart from single ePaedMSF assessments) is available – at the top of your completed assessment just click on ‘Download Print version’. Please be aware that your assessments can be accessed by your educational supervisor at any time via their ePortfolio.


I have paper versions of my assessments, how do I get them online?

You should be using the ASSET site to complete the assessments electronically. If there was a problem you can you can fax/post them to us as long as they were done in your current training year.
If they were done before this you would need to upload them to your personal library in your ePortfolio.


How do I upload a paper assessment to ePortfolio?

To upload a paper assessment follow these steps:

  1. Scan the assessments onto your computer.
  2. Log into your ePortfolio.
  3. Go to Development log and then Personal Library
  4. Create a new folder for your assessments, you may wish to divide them by type/training year. You do this by entering a name in the “Create New Folder” box. Click “New Folder” when you are done and this will appear on the left hand side.
  5. Click on the new folder you have created and then go to the “Upload file” box, click on “select” to find your document on your computer. Once you have selected it, pick whether you would like to “share” or “private” this can be amended at any time. Add a description of the document and click “Upload file”.

The document will then be accessible here at any time.


Who can I invite to assess me for my ePaedMSF and how many of each?

You can invite a variety of assessors; senior nurse, experienced higher level trainee, consultant, junior nurse, junior trainee and trainee of equivalent training level. Your assessors must include your Educational Supervisor and 2/3 medical staff – half of which need to be consultants; 1/3 nursing or allied health professionals.


How do I complete my ePaedMSF self assessment?

Trainees must complete a Self-Assessment when undertaking an ePaedMSF round. All trainees will automatically have a self-assessment automatically generated for them. If this does not happen they can invite themselves to complete the assessment by clicking on ePaedMSF in the assessments list and entering their own name as the assessor, the site will only allow you to do this once and if you haven’t already


I have not completed my self-assessment, what does this mean for my ePaedMSF assessment?

The self-assessment is a compulsory part of the ePaedMSF and if this has not been completed your ePaedMSF is not valid. What will happen is your comments from your completed assessments will be collated into the final report but you will not have access to your scores. This will mean that you will need to do the ePaedMSF again for that training year.


My ePaedMSF states it is "incomplete report" what does this mean?

This means that your Report does not meet the minimum requirements for an ePaedMSF which is 7 assessments and your self-assessment. At this point the report is final and there is no way to add any more assessments to it regardless of the circumstances, this Report is not valid for a RITA or ARCP. You would then need to participate in the next round of ePaedMSF to gain a complete report.


My ePaedMSF report does not have a graph in it, why is that?

If your ePaedMSF/eSPRAT does not have the graph data in it this means that you assessment was not completed successfully as it either contained less than the minimum of four assessments required or you did not complete your self-assessment. Both of these requirements must be met for the ePaedMSF/eSPRAT to be valid and counted towards an ARCP or RITA


What do the "Overall Questionnaire Means" mean on my ePaedMSF report?

The overall questionnaire means on the ePaedMSF report are the averages of the scores given; first the “Self” score which is by you in your self-assessment, then the average of your assessors scores and then there is the group average scores of all those in your level who participated in the round. The last “No. of raters” is how many assessors successfully completed the assessment form.


Which DOPS procedures are mandatory?

Please view the attached guidance for an overview of the mandatory and supplementary DOPS.
Be aware that you should try to complete each procedure more than once to show your progression.


What are the Reports in the Reports tab for?

A “Cohort Report” is generated every 3 months for each type of work place based assessment. Each report will contain an overview of all the assessments that you have completed of that type in that 3 month period along with a summary of the comments given.


Where can I find a summary of all of the DOPS procedures I have undertaken?

The DOPS reports in the Reports tab show a list of all the assessments that have been undertaken by the trainee. Using this Report you can track which procedures you have completed. You can print a copy of the page for your educational supervisor to see rather than opening all of your DOPS assessments individually.


What is the ePaedMSF guidance for each level of training?

For each Level of Training you must cover these areas within an ePaedMSF:

* Level 1 (ST1–3): You must have a minimum of one satisfactory ePaedMSF per year, and one of the ePaedMSF Reports within Level 1 must cover neonatal and general paediatric practice. * Level 2 (ST4–5): You must have a minimum of one satisfactory ePaedMSF per year, and one of the ePaedMSF Reports within Level 2 must cover neonatal, community and general paediatric practice. * Level 3 (ST6–8): You must have a minimum of one satisfactory ePaedMSF per year, and one of the ePaedMSF Reports within Level 3 must cover all aspects of subspecialty.


How/When do I need to complete ePaedCCF?

ePaedCCF is still under review, so is not yet a mandatory workplace based assessment.


Where can I send my feedback/suggestions for ASSET?

You can email us any constructive comments that you have to We do take on board the views of our users and will change the website, as much as we can, to meet the needs of those who use it. Any feedback for the actual assessments will be passed on for consideration.


If I have a complaint what should I do?

All complaints should be sent in writing to the ASSET Team, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, 5-11 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8SH. You will receive a written response to this as soon as we can.