Spring MSF

Thu 11/02/2016

The finalised dates for the Spring MSF round will be announced at the end of February.


Sending/ Completing Assessments

Thu 07/01/2016

Asset was made 'read only’ in conjunction with the data migration to the new Eportfolio system on the 18th December 2015.

You should not be using asset to send or complete assessments as the data from the 18th December will be the data which is transferred across.

You can still do paper assessments which can be uploaded to the new Eportfolio on the 20th January when that system goes live.

They are located here;


START Assessment Application for April 2015 now open

Tue 17/11/2015

The application period for the START assessment is now open for eligible trainees to apply.

The application period will be open until January 5th 2016.

For more information on applying and the application criteria please visit;



Autumn MSF Round Now Closed

Wed 11/11/2015

The Autumn MSF closed on the 4th November 2015.

Invites can no longer be sent or completed.

There will be a fresh round starting in late January (dates to be confirmed) which will run for several months.


Autumn MSF Round

Thu 10/09/2015

There will be an MSF round opening on the 7th October and closing on the 4th November 2015.

You are reminded that you must take part in at least one MSF round per training year.

You will need to get a minimum of 7 responses from assessors as well as a Self Assessment MSF (so your minimum will be 8)

If you have any queries please contact the Asset support team.


Updating training levels on ASSET

Wed 17/12/2014

Please note that your training level on ASSET is NOT automatically updated each training year. In order to update your training year please email asset@rcpch.ac.uk. Your email should include your GMC number, the date when you changed to your current training year, and your training year. Thank you


Deleting old educational supervisors

Mon 10/11/2014

Dear Trainees,

Please note that it is your responsibility to delete your old educational supervisors on ASSET. It is important that only current educational supervisors are linked to your account.

Thank you.


Assessment guide for trainees and trainers

Wed 29/10/2014

The RCPCH offers guidance for all paediatric trainees in approved training posts on workplace-based assessments / Supervised Learning Events (SLEs). Please see our new assessment guide here