Feedback Survey for Trainees and Assessors

Thu 24/04/2014

Please take a moment to give us your feedback on the changes we have made on ASSET using this survery:



Information for all trainees: updating training levels on ASSET

Wed 23/04/2014

Please note that your training level on ASSET is NOT automatically updated each training year. In order to update your training level please email asset@rcpch.ac.uk. Your email should include your GMC number and training level. Thank you.


A fair deal for all children: How do we tackle child health inequality?

Mon 17/03/2014

28 April 2014, RCPCH London

The RCPCH invites you to meet the UK’s leading speakers in child health inequalities and get practical advice on improving services for adolescents and vulnerable children. This one day workshop will provide you with valuable insights into child health inequalities in the UK and demonstrate what you should be doing to tackle these. Join leading national children’s charity NSPCC in a workshop to assess how the voluntary sector can help address child health inequalities and hear from key note speaker, George Hosking, CEO and founder of the WAVE trust.

(PDF flyer attached)

Register via our website


Briefing note on pilot WBA

Wed 18/12/2013

As part of our strategy to keep trainees and assessors informed about our 1 year pilot of Workplace Based Assessments we have released a briefing note (Briefing note 4) on the website. Click here or download below. All further briefing notes will be published on the Assessment and Examinations page.


ASSET Pilot Assessments

Wed 09/10/2013

The new pilot workplace based assessments LEADER, HAT and ACAT are now available in the Pilot list of assessments. DOC (replacing SAIL) is now also available on ASSET.
Please do not complete paper versions of the assessments.
If you would like to learn more about the changes to workplace based assessments you can watch our webinar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSDq2WGNrTY or visit www.rcpch.ac.uk/assess-exams

The ASSET Team


Adding An Educational Supervisor

Thu 12/09/2013

You may have noticed the new alert that tells you to add your supervisor to your ASSET account.
You do this by going to your Settings page.
If your supervisor does not appear email us at asset@rcpch.ac.uk and we will add the role to their account.

Please ensure that you delete any previous educational supervisors from your account.


Assessors' Troubleshooting Guide

Thu 06/12/2012

Do you need help with your ASSET account?
Please follow our Troubleshooting Guide for assistance on how to log-in and successfully complete an assessment:

  • If you are having problems logging in, please use the 'Forgotten Password’ link located at the top of the Home Page and enter the e-mail address associated with you account.
    • You will be sent an e-mail with the option to reset your password and a reminder of your username which is located at he bottom of the e-mail.
  • If you see the message “Not the right account to start this assessment”, please click on the FAQ link and refer to FAQ number 3

  • If you need to update your email address on ASSET go to the 'Settings’ page in your ASSET account and you can alter this here.

If you are unable to log in contact us at asset@rcpch.ac.uk for help.

  • If you are filling in an assessment please note that the system will time out after 40 minutes. There is a 40 minute timer high-lighted in red on the left-hand side of the screen to assist you whilst you are filling out an assessment. If you attempt to submit it after it reaches 0, the form will not be submitted.
    • We advise saving an assessment before it reaches 0 as it resets the timer and ensures all work done thus far is saved.
  • If you are a new assessor on ASSET or need assistance on registering, please access the short tip sheet below for help with registration and accessing assessments on ASSET.


Falsification of Work Place Based Assessments

Mon 14/05/2012

Any behaviour that may bring into question the integrity of the College’s parent and carer, colleague or assessor feedback tool(s) will be treated seriously. This includes falsification or duplication of patient, parent, carer or colleague data, impersonation of another doctor or individual, soliciting impersonation and any other practice relating to the tools that is deemed by the College to be prejudicial to its welfare or good name or contrary to professional probity. Proven breaches will: invalidate the data set, could incur permanent suspension from College activities and will be reported to the General Medical Council (GMC) or equivalent registration body unless there are extenuating circumstances. Should the College suspect improper practice of the type specified above, it will follow existing protocols to manage concerns.

Please see the attached document for further details.